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A simple (and ugly) time-saving line of code

Update on Mai, 28 : Added a new code snippet.

Sometimes, when you are trying to debug PHP code, you'll get an ugly WSOD, without any error messages in PHP error log.

When this happens, it's always really difficult to find out why. The lack of message tells you that you you didn't wrote something that bad, but bad enougth for the framework you are working with to partially catch your error without really crashing.

So, how can you resolve this?

WTF is that!? - PHP will drive me crazy; Drupal FAPI too!

What do you think this code will output:

= '7rray';
  echo (int)

If you answered NULL, 0 or '7rray', you're absolutely wrong. The magic with PHP is whatever you use (int) or intval() you get absolutely weird results, because it'll try to parse your string as an integer whatever is in it.

System Theme 6.x-1.0 module released

Today I released the System Theme++ module on This module is a simple administration theme admin page alteration. It allow site administrator to force Drupal to switch to administration theme on arbitrary pages.

You can download it here:

I started developping the module while I was training a client to develop with Drupal. It then has been enhanced to fit with some customer projects. Now, it's stable.

Yamm development

I am currently writing a mass synchronization module for Drupal, based on eavy objects abstraction.
I will not describe it here, you can read the project page which describe pretty well how it works.

I wanted to do some notes about development context, and some other stuff.